Suitable for under Area Rugs for premium cushioning.

Excellent Sound Insulation @39dB Impact Sound Reduction.

Prolongs the life of carpets.

Roll Size: 1.37 m x 8 m

Roll Area: 10.96 m²

Manufactured In U.K.

Test Results to BS 5808 : 1991-British Standard for Carpet Underlays
Specification BS Requirements Result Method
Material Composition 100% Sponge Rubber
Total Weight Ca. 3424 g/m² (101 oz/yd²)
Total Thickness Ca. 8.75 mm (0.34″) ISO 1765
Density Ca. 391 kg/m³ (24.41 bs/ft³)
Roll Area Ca. 10.96 m²
Roll Size 1.37 m x 8 m
End Use Classification L/U, Luxury Use BS 5808:1991
Work of Compression Min. 50 J/m² Max. 200 J/m² after dynamic loading for 1000 impacts 143 J/m² BS 4908 & BS 4052 & ISO 2094
Retention of Work of Compression Min 40% of original after 1000 impacts 88% BS 4908 & BS 4052 & ISO 2094
Resistance to Cracking not greater than 50mm Pass EN 14499 & BS 5808
Loss in Thickness after Dynamic Loading Max. 15% after 1000 impacts 4% BS 4052 & ISO 2094
Loss in Thickness after Static Loading Max. 15% after 24 hours recovery 3% ISO 3415 / 3416 & BS 4939
Flammability Result Method
Hot Metal Nut Test Pass – Low radius of effects of ignition BS 4790 & BS 5287
US Methenamine Pill Test Pass DOC-FF 1-70
Russian GOST FR Test Classification KM5 GOST 30244-94, GOST 30402-96, GOST 51032-97, GOST 12.1.044-89(item 4.18), GOST 12.1.044-89(item 4.20)
Test Performance to US Standards
CFD (Compression Force Deflection) 2.2 PSI @ 25% deflection. Method: 601/12151 ASTM D3676-13
CFD (Compression Force Deflection) 6.7 PSI @ 50% deflection. Method: 601/12151 ASTM D3676-13
CFD (Compression Force Deflection) 15.9 PSI @ 65% deflection. Method: 601/12151 ASTM D3676-13
Recommended Use Moderate Traffic Class I US Carpet Cushion Council
Other Properties and Test Performance
Odour No objectionable odour
Colour / backing Green / printed Textron® backing
Thermal resistance (European Units) 1.00 togs BS 4745
– R value (SI Unit) 0.08
– R Value (USA Unit) 0.45
Impact Sound Reduction (ΔLᴡ) 39 dB BS EN ISO 10140-3:2010
Emissions (US Carpet & Rug Institute) Meets Low VOC Emission Criteria (Certified GLP051 Cat CC10 Rubber) US CRI Green Label Plus Programme
Antimicrobial and mildew resistant Pass
Green Features Description LEED Programme
Recyclable At the end of the underlays useful life, it can be 100% recycled MR 2.0: Points Available, it can be 100% recycled
Recycled Content Contains not less than 3% pre-consumer recycled material MR 4.0: Points Available, Recycled Content
Indoor Air Quality Meets or exceeds the industry standard for indoor air quality as established by the CRI Green Label Programme IEQ 4.3: Points Available, Product is Green
Subfloors should be dry, clean and free of oil, grease & damp. STRETCH FIT suitability. Fitting should meet the British Standard code of practice BS 5325 & be undertaken by experianced fitters.
Recommended Use Areas
Hotel Guest Rooms, Suites, Banquet Hall, Ballroom, Smaller Function Room, Restaurant, Lounge, Bar, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Throughout Apartments or Private Villas (Except Stairs), under Area Rugs for premium cushioning, and excellent for Sound Insulation.
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