Highly Recommended for use in Hotel Guest Rooms, Suites, Executive Offices (Low & Medium Traffic), Bedrooms and Living.

Guaranteed for the serviceable life of the carpet when used in the recommended locations 

Prolongs the Life of Carpets

Minimizes Carpet Rucking 

High-Quality Foam for superior durability

Increased Underfoot Comfort

Roll Size: 11 m x 1.37 m

Roll Area: 15.07 m²

Test Results to BS 5808 : 1991-British Standard for Carpet Underlays
Specification BS Requirements Result Method
Material Composition Polyurethane (PU) Foam – 97% Recycled Content
Total Weight Ca. 560 g/m² (16.5 oz/yd²)
Total Thickness Ca. 7 mm ISO 1765
Density Ca. 80 kg/m³
Roll Area Ca. 15.07m²
Roll Size 1.37 m x 11 m
End Use Classification GD/U, General Domestic Use BS 5808:1991 / EN 14499:2005
Work of Compression Min. 50 J/m² Max. 200 J/m² after dynamic loading for 1000 impacts 80 J/m² BS 4908 & ISO 2094
Retention of Work of Compression Min 40% of original after 1000 impacts 70% BS 4908 & ISO 2094
Loss in Thickness after Dynamic Loading Max. 15% after 1000 impacts 10% BS 4052 & ISO 2094
Loss in Thickness after Static Loading Max. 15% after 24 hours recovery 10% ISO 3415 / 3416 & BS 4939
Resistance to Cracking not greater than 50mm Pass EN 14499 & BS 5808
Breaking Strength Min. 30N EN ISO 13394 BS 2576
– Length 70N
– Width 40N
Extension under Force Max. 15%@ 30N EN ISO 13394 BS 2576
– Length 10%
– Width 10%
Flammability Result Method
Hot Metal Nut Test (tested in Interfloor laboratory) Pass – Medium radius of effects of ignition BS 4790 & BS 5287
Other Properties and Test Performance
Odour No objectionable odour
Colour / backing Grey / nonwoven backing
Thermal Resistance 1.7 togs BS 4745
Impact Sound Reduction (ΔLᴡ) 27 dB BS EN ISO 140-8:1998 & BS EN ISO 717-2:1997
Emissions Meets low VOC emission criteria US Carpet & Rug Institute
French VOC Emission Regulations Complies A+ Decree DEVL1101903D /
Amended DEVL1104875A
Antimicrobial and mildew resistant Pass ASTM G21
Green Features Description LEED Programme
Recyclable At the end of the underlays useful life, it can be 100% recycled MR 2.0: Points Available, it can be 100% recycled
Recycled Content Contains not less than 95% pre-consumer recycled material MR 4.0: Points Available, Recycled Content
Indoor Air Quality Meets or exceeds the industry standard for indoor air quality as established by the CRI Green Label Programme IEQ 4.3: Points Available, Product is Green
Subfloors should be dry, clean and free of oil, grease & damp. STRETCH FIT suitability. Fitting should meet the British Standard code of practice BS 5325 & be undertaken by experianced fitters.
Recommended Use Areas
Hotel Guest Rooms, Suites, Executive Offices (Low & Medium Traffic), Bedrooms and Living.
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